Moon Birds Non Pixelated

A collection of 5,000 utility-enabled PFPs built on ERC 721A Smart Contract with richly diverse and unique non-pixelated traits. What's More, each bird unlocks additional eligibility to win an Official Moon Birds NFT, For more details check our roadmap, Minting @ 0.01 ETH, Launching on 11th May 2022, 10:00 PM UTC.

What is Moon Birds Non Pixelated ?

We love moon birds, We love charity, So we created an inspired and derived collection of 5000 Non Pixelated Moon Birds as tribute and honor to Official Moon Birds NFT and to provide a chance to own one to people who truly admire and love Moon Birds. We want to form a true and genuine community who all love moon birds and charity.

Sneak Peeks

White Emperor
Red Professor
Love Tranquil
Angry Guardian
3D glasses Wizard
Side Eyes Guardian
Relaxed Tranquil
Vibrant Crescent

How do I get a Moon Birds Non-Pixelated NFT ?

Download and install MetaMask

Download and install a Chrome browser plugin called MetaMask. This will allow websites (that you authorize) access to your Ethereum account.

Buy some Ethereum

If you made a new account, buy some Ethereum. The MetaMask plugin has a button that will allow you to buy Ether from Coinbase.

Start minting, buying and selling

Once you have the plugin installed, this website will recognize it and add buttons that allow you to mint, buy and sell NFTs directly in the interface.

Details and FAQ

Why Own a Moon Birds Non Pixelated NFT?

Holders of Moon Birds Non Pixelated NFT will have chance to win a Moon Birds NFT (checkout our Discord for more information) and be a part of an outstanding Moon Birds NFT and Moon Birds Non Pixelated NFT communities. Holders can win the latest upcoming & trending NFTs by being a part of our Community

Are the Moon Birds Non-Pixelated NFTs a ERC721A token?, What will be the Price?

All The Moon Birds Non-Pixelated are build on ERC 721A Smart Contract with extremely low gas fees, 20x per Transaction. The Price is less than 1/200 of the Original Price of Official Moon Birds NFT collection, Price will be announced on Official Twitter account on the day of the launch

Where it all started? and Whats the Backstory or Motive behind this project?

Hi, I am Ricky, I am 23, This is my life story (describing “How and Where it all Started”), My Mom had a baby sister before I was born, My sister died within the first 28 days of birth due to Birth Asphyxia, From the time I had grown up, I have been donating 10% of my Annual Earnings to Charity oriented towards the health of Mothers and Infants. I love Moon Birds and Charity, Now I got a chance to show my love towards my Mother and give as much as possible to the community and charity, So I formed a team of 3 members who all believe in charity and community development, We then came up with this unique Roadmap

How do we believe in Moon Birds Non Pixelated NFT?

All Funds generated will be stored securely to give back to the community as per our Roadmap. All the Activities in the Roadmap will be Accomplished and Recorded Live and will be posted on our Official Twitter. We are real people, we strongly believe in charity and communities, we are a bit shy to show ourselves, we will organize several NFT spaces and will be Live with the community through video chats and much more along each and every activity in our Roadmap.